Aspects to consider in choosing a WordPress hosting

If you decide to host WordPress on your own server, you’ll find a bunch of offers from all over hosting companies, and it is difficult, especially the first time you hire a hosting, choose one that suits your finances and the time is right to install WordPress.

To begin to choose which Best WordPress Hosting you’re going to hire, you’ll need to know some concepts commonly used by sellers to convince you, and you should know that what they are talking about and why you should accept what is offered:

Best Price

-Do you consider this factor as a priority. The price has to be related to the benefits or services, and what may at first seem a minimum amount you may find that then you should add extras that make him the most expensive.

Uptime –

-This is usually one of the major selling points (After price), and refers to the total time of service, the time when a computer is running smoothly off, hang up (do not forget that a server is a computer – but the remote computer). Nobody will offer a 100%, and if you offer it is a lie. However, you can find many on the grounds of 99%.

Disk space

– This value will not affect your decision. A WordPress installation takes no more than 20 Mb, and only your accommodation needs pictures or videos will influence your space needs. You can always host your images free, of course, do not upload videos to your server. You can use services like and YouTube. With 1 Gb of hosting space you have more than enough

Transfer Rate

-This if it is an important value, because the transfer rate is the amount of data that your hosting provider will allow you to transfer monthly for your network.

These are the considerations that you should consider hiring a wordpress hosting to have your site hosted on your own server.