What is ASP Hosting

The letters in ASP represent Active Server Pages.  It is an advanced hosting technology that lets user produce interactive web pages with  server side scripting.  Interactive means including forms,  blogs, search boxes, calendars, polls and anything that needs user input. Now, a web master does not have to be concerned with the kind of browser their visitors are using.  You sire will look the same regardless of the browser or computer the visitor users.  This isn’t so for HTML pages.

When a browser is instructed to pull up a page that uses asp hosting script where HTML usually would be, the provider interprets these scripts prior to decoding the HTML. This is the reason you can not just run ASP on any web hosting provider. The company you choose must be able to decode these scripts or your pages will not display correctly.

When searching for ASP web hosting, look for a provider that specially supports this technology. You can not assume because a provider supports scripts from PHP to CGI that they support ASP. If you can not find support, look on the FAQ page. It will tell you what scripts are supported.  It will not be hard to do a search on the page. You can also use their contact information to ask them about ASP support.

ASP  hosting works best on Windows. If you want to test scripts on your server, you can download them on your system  on an ASP server like Microsoft’s Internet information Services or MS Personal Web Pages commonly available at no additional price with Windows hosting packages. ASP is getting to be such a universal language, many providers are encouraged to offer support because of competition which will work to your advantage.  Be certain to compare different host before deciding on one.