Cheap Web Hosting or A Free Web Host?

If you are just new and you don’t know what web hosting company to trust, the first thing you will think about is the cheaper web hosting company or if possible use a free web domain service. Here is a quick overview on the free and the cheap web hosting.

With cheap web hosting you can avail of any web hosting service for a small monthly fee. There are no restrictions in a cheap web hosting, you can add as many domain names as you like or add as many page as you can. You can also promote your internet marketing business without the fear of being banned or rejected.

You can customize the page based on what your website needs. Your website will be unique and will stand out from the rest, which means you have your own branding and reputation in the online industry.

Moreover, a cheap web hosting provider lets you own a domain name ex. (, a great way to increase your page popularity.

Free web hosting on the other hand, has lot of unnecessary stuffs in it. The web hosting provider will fill your website with advertisements because this is their way to cover the cost for their monthly bills, the servers they are using, and other stuffs.

Free web hosting does not let you control your website. Therefore you will have to use a pre-built themes which limits customizations like adding affiliate banners and ads on the websites’s “money shot” areas. Moreover, there are only a few pre-built themes available so you won’t get that unique look and feel you want as your branding theme.

Some free web hosting providers will not let you own a domain name. You will have to park your domain name in their hosting website(ex., not friendly for website optimization and not a good way to obtain page reputation either.

Free web hosting has a lot of restrictions. Some will not let you post ads as this will not help their hosting service, others add a landing page/splash screen not related to your website.

In terms of reliability, the ones that you have to pay for are more reliable than the one that is free. Expect to see server downtimes and unresponsive customer support. Free web hosting on the other hand, has excellent customer support and almost 99.99% uptime.

Of course, the free ones are not secured because they are only meant to host, not provide other features that will make the customer satisfied. There are also some free hosting solution that are meant to scam, hack or make your website miserable. So I suggest you stay away from free hosting providers.

Cheap hosting is meant to be low-priced so anyone can afford the service and stay away from scams and besides, the demand of web hosting today is really high so they are forced to lower the price so they can compete with others. Just remember when looking for a cheap web hosting service, you have to pick the ones that are the best in customer service with all the package you need.