Is ASP Web Hosting Still Worth It?

ASP or Active Server Page had been introduced to the public more than a decade ago and since then developers still stick to ASP even though the newer version, ASP.NET has a lot of features to offer. ASP or Active Server Pages is a scripting language developed to create dynamic web pages. A dynamic web page changes from time to time and website visitors can change and customize your web page based on the action of your visitors. So if you want your visitors to have a showcase of things every time they reload a page, ASP Web Hosting is your excellent choice. But since ASP is old and Microsoft is focusing more on ASP.NET you will get to experience:

Slower speed and poor performance. ASP is slower than its free alternative, PhP. It is based on a COM architecture that is actually an overhead to the server. You will also experience frequent bugs and errors since older methods and components are injected in ASP.

Microsoft-Only Application. ASP web hosting runs only in Microsoft that unlike PhP do not solely depend on Microsoft products. You will also need a Windows platform in order to run ASP.

Expensive. You will be dependent on Microsoft-only applications therefore you will pay for the operating system, price of the scripting language, or buy MSSQL. Which is very costly knowing that there are free alternatives to these paid applications.

ASP is also known to have a bad interaction with the server and the developing code.

ASP is best for developing an e-business software, moreover:

It is very easy to use. ASP are just HTML pages encapsulated in tags. To run, you need to place it in the directory in your server then run it.

It supports other tools. You can drag and drop web controls just like the way you do Visual Basic controls.

Stable. ASP had been developed and maintained by Microsoft programmers for years. So any kind of vulnerabilities and threats have long been solved.

It is also known to have applications ready-baked for business sites, take advantage of these applications if you own an e-commerce business.

Is ASP still a worthy option?
If you have been using ASP for a long time, shifting to ASP.NET is not as easy as what you think. Changing to ASP.NET you will need to learn how .NET is used. There are also newer codes in which as a developer, you must learn to use and adapt.

ASP is similarly priced as ASP.NET, if you are new in web hosting ASP.NET is preferred over classic ASP because it has more features available at a cheaper price.

ASP is a worthy option because not only that it has built a reputation that no other language can beat. Businesses prefer ASP over ASP.NET because ASP is more stable than the new ASP.NET.

There is a reason ASP did not became obsolete the moment ASP.NET came out. This kind of technology is about the most recent version since newer releases are bug, but about the additional performance it can do to help your website prosper.