BlueHost Review – Best Features of BlueHost

BlueHost have been offering web hosting services to personal blogs, online businesses and companies since 1996. They are considered as one of the earliest web hosting companies and managed to survive even at the toughest times which leads us to having this as one of our best choice in selecting a web hosting company. Following brief BlueHost Review would be helpful.

BlueHost is equipped with the best quality equipment around. They use modern quad-core servers, have mirrored backups and backup generator, has an outstanding 24/7 support with well-trained staff. They have a very fast 2GB per second bandwidth.

Here are the features BlueHost are most notable for:

  1. Host unlimited number of domain names/website for a very low price of $6.95 per month.
  2. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth.
  3. Free domain name hosting upon signup in any of their plans.
  4. CPanel with Fantastico Script Installer.
  5. 24/7 live chat, phone, and email support.
  6. Free SSH Shell access.
  7. Free shared SSL certificate and support for eCommerce hosting.
  8. Submit your websites to search engines for free.
  9. Audio, video streaming, real media, flash, support for a number of programming languages like Ruby on Rails are enabled by default.
  10. Anytime money back guarantee.

Hardware and Operating System
BlueHost uses quad-core modern servers under a Linux operating system. This may be one of the reasons why BlueHost is able to maintain almost 100% uptime. BlueHost also has DDOS protection and power backups to keep your website up and running without problems.

As far as I am concerned and based on my experiences with BlueHost, they have 99.99% uptime. There may be times where my website goes down but it is a rare occurrence and if they are down they will be back almost instantly.

What I like best in BlueHost is their secured, accurate, and very reliable backups, and the various tools required to manage my website.

They have a very excellent customer support – responds easily to customer queries. When asked a question, they can give you accurate information and solution to your problem. A great plus for any web hosting providers.

BlueHost offers 99.99% uptime so it is recommended for running a serious website project or wants to keep your website traffic flowing. Their performance is also backed up by the excellent customer support teams ready to help you whenever you need one.

BlueHost only has 1 price plan. You can subscribe to them for only $6.95 if you want a two-year contract or $7.95 per month for a 1 year contract. With all the features added in this single plan, it is such a great deal for you to miss.

One thing I don’t like, is BlueHost do not inform their customers when they will have a system upgrade. Your website will be down when this happens but it is rarely a case to deal with. I hope they won’t fail on notifying people about their system upgrade in the future. Overall, this web hosting provider has a reputation that we, as customers looking for the best web hosting around can take advantage of.

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