ASP SQL Hosting – Choosing Between MSSQL and MySQL

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ASP and SQL are two technologies which can benefit every website. ASP helps to create dynamic web pages while SQL stores database that your website can use to either archive a post or let the visitors search for old posts or products. When choosing an ASP SQL hosting, people are confused about which SQL technology to use, will it be Microsoft’s SQL or the free and open source MySQL?

Both technologies uses almost the same features that is why deciding between MSSQL and MySQL relies on stability, reliability, and what other features it has that can compete with its counterpart. Both of these does what exactly as intended but there is one technology that stands out from the rest.

Microsoft’s SQL is closed, proprietary while MySQL is open source. You won’t have a lot of options when using MSSQL and you’ll be stuck with SQL Server’s Sybase-derived engine whether you like it or not. On the other hand, MySQL lets you choose several SQL engine such as MyISAM, Heap, InnoDB, and Berkeley DB.

But there are technical differences over closed and open sourced. MySQL for example doesn’t use foreign keys thus makes it less of a relational database compared to MSSQL which has a lot of relational database features. Moreover, MySQL lacks support for stored procedures and the default MyISAM does not support transactions which can be very beneficial for an ASP SQL hosting website.

Microsoft’s SQL offers licensing in which one can get through either purchasing Microsoft Office Developer or Microsoft Visual Studio but this is only for development use only, not for commercial. If you want a commercial license, you will need to purchase a commercial license which could normally cost for $400.

MySQL is under GNU Public License, which means that you don’t have to pay for MySQL license.

MSSQL will be more expensive if you set up your own ASP SQL web hosting but if these are offered as a plan by ASP SQL web hosting providers, you will not notice the difference in price between the two.

When it comes to performance, MySQL leads the pack because of its default table format, and MyISAM. MyISAM databases are very compact and does not require extensive CPU nor memory to run. MySQL can be run in Windows but you get the best performance of MySQL when it is running in Unix or Linux systems.

A better performance is achieved by MySQL when a 64-bit system is used so do check this out when hunting for an ASP SQL hosting.

MSSQL’s extensive features weakens its performance regardless whether there are features that aims in performance tuning, or other features which can help your website. As a result, MSSQL’s performance is a bit slower, requires more CPU and Memory and are unreliable at times.

Most of best web hosting companies provide both MySQL and MSSQL. Choosing between MySQL and MSSQL depends on what your want your website to be. Should you aim for better performance yet sacrifice some features MSSQL have or should you aim for more features and compensate a bigger disk space and higher memory more than MySQL requires?