10 Useful Webhost Analytics Tools

For a personal website or small and medium size businesses, shared web hosting is the best option.In a shared hosting, since many different sites are hosted on the same hardware, every site owner wishes to know whether their web hosts are performing good. Fortunately there are many excellent tools available to monitor the performance of any best web hosting.

  1. Who is Hosting This?

    Using this you will be able to find out a domain name owner’s information such as who is hosting the domain name and on which datacenter, the IP address and the type of the web server, if the domain name is blacklisted and what’s the domain status, Domain Name IP and DNS history, as well as the registrant history ect.
  2. myIPneighbours – Using this tool you will be able to find out who else is sharing the web server with you.
  3. Check Your UptimeUsing the following tools, you will get your site’s uptime report. Montastic, Dotcom Monitor, SiteUptime. These will check your website availability at regular intervals.
  4. Netcraft – Netcraft is a data and analytics company which provide a wide range of services from anti-phishing to hosting provider server failure.
  5. Nimsoft Monitoring Solutions (NMS) : NMS is another useful monitor tool for  monitor the performance of server resources, CPU memory, logs, disk, counters etc
  6. Load Impact – Load Impact is an online tool to test the amount of concurrent visitors and connections that is handling by your server.
  7. Macfee Secure: is a leading name in internet security. Macfee also have a tool of monitoring your site with a suspicious virus, Trojans and Spam.
  8. DNSstuff – provides a collection of useful tools to analyze a hosting provider.
  9. YouGetSignal.com – YouGetSignal.com provides a collection of useful tools such as reverse IP domain check, WHOIS lookup, host server location tool ect to analyze a hosting provider.
  10. GeoTool –  With Geotool you can check up where all online businesses have their hosting situated. You can see details of the city where the server is situated, its IP Address, ISP and the region of the server.

Using these Monitoring Tools, you will be able to check the server performance and solve the configuration problems. Thus improve the security and performance of your web  hosting company.