Small Business Hosting: Colocation Hosting

When you need to setup your own dedicated server, the things you need to focus on are money, and time to maintain and manage a server. A well-managed server means that you need to invest a lot of time and money. That is why small business sites do not usually invest in dedicated server which often leads, to serious problems when they choose a cheaper hosting plan.

In setting up a small business hosting website, you might reap the benefits of using collation hosting. Collation hosting is said to be the better alternative to dedicated hosting because it offers great flexibility and control and is cheaper than dedicated hosting. Users can also select the type of hardware and software that goes with it; however, there are features that make colocation unique.

Colocation is a kind of business web hosting where your server is placed in the hosting company premises. The host company will be responsible for the maintenance, upgrade, and optimization of your server.

Colocation is a kind of managed hosting. You have the freedom to decide on the level of server management you want. You can select the kind of service perfect for your online business depending on your budget and expertise.

The colocation hosting depends on what kind of offers are included in their hosting plans. Some offer a one-time payment and other offers are server for rent.

How it works

When your online business grows, the level of hosting provided by most companies grow, as well. When this happens, make sure that servers are well maintained. With colocation web hosting, your server machine is placed into someone else’s data center. With colocation, you are ensured of faster internet connection to your business hosting plan.

When companies outsource traffic to a colocation provider, the access speed of your website improves. Other benefits of colocation hosting includes higher bandwidth, improved security, advanced infrastructure, and  professional services and systems.

Benefits of Colocation Hosting

Colocation not only saves you money, but also free you from the maintenance of your own datacenter. Having that kind of advantage lets you save thousands of dollars a year from the costs of maintaining and keeping your site in the most optimal condition possible. It also helps in minimizing the downtime and increasing site availability. Connectivity is the core feature of colocation hosting is connectivity. You have direct access to the most powerful networks in the world; therefore faster site load times.

Other benefits of colocation hosting includes:

  • No need for generators or UPS.
  • Bandwidth is increased due to higher connectivity
  • Power redundancy helps in increasing the reliability of the system that usually happens during a backup or as a fail-safe technique.
  • The hosting company stores your server and troubleshoots it for you.
  • You are assured of high security because the hosting company is well equipped in dealing with security threats.
  • Reduced setup and maintenance costs.

These are just a few of the benefits of using colocation hosting for a small business website. If you don’t have the money, and time to manage a dedicated server, you now have the option of reaping the benefits of a dedicated server without the headaches of management and server budget. Click here to compare different web hosting companies.