Common Web Hosting Features

If that you’ve decided to create your own website, then you need a quality web hosting server to host the site. There are many web hosting companies out there and finding a best hosting provider doesn’t have to be hard. When you’re looking for a hosting provider here are some points to consider. What platform will I use – Linux or windows? Do I need e-commerce features? Do I need any CMS? Do I have lot of images, music or videos? After gathering your requirements, you just need to find one that meets your needs and budget. You can read the web host reviews available on internet and compare web hosting based on their features, price,customer service support staff, traffic, and space.

The following are the common feature that you should expect to get with any web hosting  service.

  • Unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth
  • Control Panel with one click script installer
  • The File Manager to add, edit, move and remove files to your website
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited Email Account, Secure IMAP & POP3, auto responders, Spam  Assassin
  • Phone and Email Customer/Technical Support
  • Support PHP, Perl, Python ect
  • MySQL Database Support and phpMyAdmin to handle the administration of MySQL
  • Shared SSL & SSH Shell Access
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Dreamweaver & FrontPage Ready

The additional features that differ from one provider to another

  • Unlimited Websites or Domains hosting on a single account
  • Free Domain Name 4 Life
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Free SiteBuilder w/ templates
  • Free marketing/ Google Credit
  • Free Search Engine Submission

10 Useful Webhost Analytics Tools

For a personal website or small and medium size businesses, shared web hosting is the best option.In a shared hosting, since many different sites are hosted on the same hardware, every site owner wishes to know whether their web hosts are performing good. Fortunately there are many excellent tools available to monitor the performance of any best web hosting.

  1. Who is Hosting This?

    Using this you will be able to find out a domain name owner’s information such as who is hosting the domain name and on which datacenter, the IP address and the type of the web server, if the domain name is blacklisted and what’s the domain status, Domain Name IP and DNS history, as well as the registrant history ect.
  2. myIPneighbours – Using this tool you will be able to find out who else is sharing the web server with you.
  3. Check Your UptimeUsing the following tools, you will get your site’s uptime report. Montastic, Dotcom Monitor, SiteUptime. These will check your website availability at regular intervals.
  4. Netcraft – Netcraft is a data and analytics company which provide a wide range of services from anti-phishing to hosting provider server failure.
  5. Nimsoft Monitoring Solutions (NMS) : NMS is another useful monitor tool for  monitor the performance of server resources, CPU memory, logs, disk, counters etc
  6. Load Impact – Load Impact is an online tool to test the amount of concurrent visitors and connections that is handling by your server.
  7. Macfee Secure: is a leading name in internet security. Macfee also have a tool of monitoring your site with a suspicious virus, Trojans and Spam.
  8. DNSstuff – provides a collection of useful tools to analyze a hosting provider.
  9. – provides a collection of useful tools such as reverse IP domain check, WHOIS lookup, host server location tool ect to analyze a hosting provider.
  10. GeoTool –  With Geotool you can check up where all online businesses have their hosting situated. You can see details of the city where the server is situated, its IP Address, ISP and the region of the server.

Using these Monitoring Tools, you will be able to check the server performance and solve the configuration problems. Thus improve the security and performance of your web  hosting company.

Top 3 Best Web Hosting Companies 2012

Creating a website is an essential thing to do in this modern world particularly if you need an online presence to either earn money, or promote your business, goals, or advocacy. Without an online presence, you are cutting yourself of the valuable revenue streams may it be money, or your ideals. If you need an online presence, you will have to invest money on a reliable web host. Below are the best web hosting companies valued for its price, features, and reliable customer service.

  1. Arvixe

    Known for:Cheap small business web hosting
    Free domain for life
    99.99% uptime Arvixe is the fastest growing web hosting company because of the features the company has that are offered to customers at a remarkably low price. Online businesses can benefit from Arvixe specially their VPS hosting solutions that are priced similarly to most shared web hosting plans other web hosting providers offer.Features:Linux and Windows web hosting
    Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
    Host unlimited domains Price: $4.00 a month

    Why Arvixe is he best web hosting company?
    Arvixe is not only cheap, reliable, and feature-rich but also, the best in providing customer satisfaction to all their subscribers. That is why they have received numerous awards and positive reviews from customers. One of which is when Arvixe was recognized by Inc. Magazine the 209th fastest growing private sector company in a 3 year span. Visit

  2. iPage

    Known for:Host unlimited domains
    Anytime money-back guarantee
    $400 free extras
    99.99% uptime

    iPage is a web hosting company that have been providing cheap hosting solutions for several years now. One of the advantage of iPage web hosting is that it comes from a well-established parent company. As a result, this web hosting provider does not experiment on the features and only uses the tried and tested features and solutions that their parent company had been doing.

    Features:Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
    Host any number of domains
    Free domain registration
    Anytime money-back guarantee.Price: $3.50 per month

    Why iPage is a web hosting company
    iPage has the best equipment around; the company uses the latest Dell servers which in turn results to highly reliable and powerful servers that have 24/7 monitoring, daily backups, and 99.99% uptime.Visit iPage

  3. Webhostinghub

    Known For:First class service
    90 Day Full Money Back Guarantee
    Free domain
    Host unlimited domains
    $75 marketing bonus

    Webhostinghb is a first class web hosting provider providing the best customer support, and is one of the most reliable web hosting service. Webhostinghub is committed to providing a reliable web hosting solution.


    Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
    unlimited email account
    No-Downtime transfer process
    free site builder
    99.97% uptimePrice: $4.95 per month

    Why webhostinghub is the best web hosting company?
    Webhostinghub is committed in providing a secure and reliable web hosting environment. That is why customer websites are hosted using high-performance quad core servers, and their data center has UPS backup power generator. Which means 24/7 monitoring, reliable customer support and excellent service at an exceptionally affordable price.Visit

Carefully inspect each of the best web hosting companies as not all its features are compatible with your website. These web hosting companies are at the best at what they do, the only difference is the way they can handle your website well. Do not worry about trying each of these best web hosting companies because you can always get a full refund in case you are not satisfied.

What is ASP Hosting

The letters in ASP represent Active Server Pages.  It is an advanced hosting technology that lets user produce interactive web pages with  server side scripting.  Interactive means including forms,  blogs, search boxes, calendars, polls and anything that needs user input. Now, a web master does not have to be concerned with the kind of browser their visitors are using.  You sire will look the same regardless of the browser or computer the visitor users.  This isn’t so for HTML pages.

When a browser is instructed to pull up a page that uses asp hosting script where HTML usually would be, the provider interprets these scripts prior to decoding the HTML. This is the reason you can not just run ASP on any web hosting provider. The company you choose must be able to decode these scripts or your pages will not display correctly.

When searching for ASP web hosting, look for a provider that specially supports this technology. You can not assume because a provider supports scripts from PHP to CGI that they support ASP. If you can not find support, look on the FAQ page. It will tell you what scripts are supported.  It will not be hard to do a search on the page. You can also use their contact information to ask them about ASP support.

ASP  hosting works best on Windows. If you want to test scripts on your server, you can download them on your system  on an ASP server like Microsoft’s Internet information Services or MS Personal Web Pages commonly available at no additional price with Windows hosting packages. ASP is getting to be such a universal language, many providers are encouraged to offer support because of competition which will work to your advantage.  Be certain to compare different host before deciding on one.

Choosing the Best Cheap Web Hosting Companies

You have made it passed the hard part by creating your web pages and now you need cheap web hosting companies. Too many people fall into the snare of a bad company. This is because they do not consider certain factors when they chose their provider. Here are a few tips that will help you find the best cheap web hosting companies.

Price should not be the first thing you look at in a cheap web hosting service. We all like cheap but it is not always what you should buy.  If you run across a host that sounds too cheap for what they offer and wonder how they stay in business,  avoid them. Your site may pay the price with slow server speeds and little bandwidth. There may be no customer service or very unprofessional service. On the flip side expensive is not always better, either.

They should have reliable customer service. Try sending  a question to customer service to test their response time. You should get an answer in no more than three days. Trouble with your site can happen at anytime. The longer your sit is down, the more money you lose.  You need a service with 24 -hour support and fast response time.

Any host should give protection against hackers and viruses. Your files should get protected by your web hosting company at all times. A few web master have been unlucky and their sites got hacked  because the lack of security patches.  New customers should ask how often the server is updated and what software they use for virus protection.

Do not go with the first cheap web hosting company you see. Compare prices and packages of several providers and be certain of what you are getting. Never buy any service without reading and understanding the terms of service.