10 Useful Webhost Analytics Tools

For a personal website or small and medium size businesses, shared web hosting is the best option.In a shared hosting, since many different sites are hosted on the same hardware, every site owner wishes to know whether their web hosts are performing good. Fortunately there are many excellent tools available to monitor the performance of any best web hosting.

  1. Who is Hosting This?

    Using this you will be able to find out a domain name owner’s information such as who is hosting the domain name and on which datacenter, the IP address and the type of the web server, if the domain name is blacklisted and what’s the domain status, Domain Name IP and DNS history, as well as the registrant history ect.
  2. myIPneighbours – Using this tool you will be able to find out who else is sharing the web server with you.
  3. Check Your UptimeUsing the following tools, you will get your site’s uptime report. Montastic, Dotcom Monitor, SiteUptime. These will check your website availability at regular intervals.
  4. Netcraft – Netcraft is a data and analytics company which provide a wide range of services from anti-phishing to hosting provider server failure.
  5. Nimsoft Monitoring Solutions (NMS) : NMS is another useful monitor tool for  monitor the performance of server resources, CPU memory, logs, disk, counters etc
  6. Load Impact – Load Impact is an online tool to test the amount of concurrent visitors and connections that is handling by your server.
  7. Macfee Secure: is a leading name in internet security. Macfee also have a tool of monitoring your site with a suspicious virus, Trojans and Spam.
  8. DNSstuff – provides a collection of useful tools to analyze a hosting provider.
  9. YouGetSignal.com – YouGetSignal.com provides a collection of useful tools such as reverse IP domain check, WHOIS lookup, host server location tool ect to analyze a hosting provider.
  10. GeoTool –  With Geotool you can check up where all online businesses have their hosting situated. You can see details of the city where the server is situated, its IP Address, ISP and the region of the server.

Using these Monitoring Tools, you will be able to check the server performance and solve the configuration problems. Thus improve the security and performance of your web  hosting company.

Top 3 Best Web Hosting Companies 2012

Creating a website is an essential thing to do in this modern world particularly if you need an online presence to either earn money, or promote your business, goals, or advocacy. Without an online presence, you are cutting yourself of the valuable revenue streams may it be money, or your ideals. If you need an online presence, you will have to invest money on a reliable web host. Below are the best web hosting companies valued for its price, features, and reliable customer service.

  1. Arvixe

    Known for:Cheap small business web hosting
    Free domain for life
    99.99% uptime Arvixe is the fastest growing web hosting company because of the features the company has that are offered to customers at a remarkably low price. Online businesses can benefit from Arvixe specially their VPS hosting solutions that are priced similarly to most shared web hosting plans other web hosting providers offer.Features:Linux and Windows web hosting
    Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
    Host unlimited domains Price: $4.00 a month

    Why Arvixe is he best web hosting company?
    Arvixe is not only cheap, reliable, and feature-rich but also, the best in providing customer satisfaction to all their subscribers. That is why they have received numerous awards and positive reviews from customers. One of which is when Arvixe was recognized by Inc. Magazine the 209th fastest growing private sector company in a 3 year span. Visit Arvixe.com

  2. iPage

    Known for:Host unlimited domains
    Anytime money-back guarantee
    $400 free extras
    99.99% uptime

    iPage is a web hosting company that have been providing cheap hosting solutions for several years now. One of the advantage of iPage web hosting is that it comes from a well-established parent company. As a result, this web hosting provider does not experiment on the features and only uses the tried and tested features and solutions that their parent company had been doing.

    Features:Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
    Host any number of domains
    Free domain registration
    Anytime money-back guarantee.Price: $3.50 per month

    Why iPage is a web hosting company
    iPage has the best equipment around; the company uses the latest Dell servers which in turn results to highly reliable and powerful servers that have 24/7 monitoring, daily backups, and 99.99% uptime.Visit iPage

  3. Webhostinghub

    Known For:First class service
    90 Day Full Money Back Guarantee
    Free domain
    Host unlimited domains
    $75 marketing bonus

    Webhostinghb is a first class web hosting provider providing the best customer support, and is one of the most reliable web hosting service. Webhostinghub is committed to providing a reliable web hosting solution.


    Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
    unlimited email account
    No-Downtime transfer process
    free site builder
    99.97% uptimePrice: $4.95 per month

    Why webhostinghub is the best web hosting company?
    Webhostinghub is committed in providing a secure and reliable web hosting environment. That is why customer websites are hosted using high-performance quad core servers, and their data center has UPS backup power generator. Which means 24/7 monitoring, reliable customer support and excellent service at an exceptionally affordable price.Visit Webhostinghub.com

Carefully inspect each of the best web hosting companies as not all its features are compatible with your website. These web hosting companies are at the best at what they do, the only difference is the way they can handle your website well. Do not worry about trying each of these best web hosting companies because you can always get a full refund in case you are not satisfied.

ASP SQL Hosting – Choosing Between MSSQL and MySQL

ASP and SQL are two technologies which can benefit every website. ASP helps to create dynamic web pages while SQL stores database that your website can use to either archive a post or let the visitors search for old posts or products. When choosing an ASP SQL hosting, people are confused about which SQL technology to use, will it be Microsoft’s SQL or the free and open source MySQL?

Both technologies uses almost the same features that is why deciding between MSSQL and MySQL relies on stability, reliability, and what other features it has that can compete with its counterpart. Both of these does what exactly as intended but there is one technology that stands out from the rest.

Microsoft’s SQL is closed, proprietary while MySQL is open source. You won’t have a lot of options when using MSSQL and you’ll be stuck with SQL Server’s Sybase-derived engine whether you like it or not. On the other hand, MySQL lets you choose several SQL engine such as MyISAM, Heap, InnoDB, and Berkeley DB.

But there are technical differences over closed and open sourced. MySQL for example doesn’t use foreign keys thus makes it less of a relational database compared to MSSQL which has a lot of relational database features. Moreover, MySQL lacks support for stored procedures and the default MyISAM does not support transactions which can be very beneficial for an ASP SQL hosting website.

Microsoft’s SQL offers licensing in which one can get through either purchasing Microsoft Office Developer or Microsoft Visual Studio but this is only for development use only, not for commercial. If you want a commercial license, you will need to purchase a commercial license which could normally cost for $400.

MySQL is under GNU Public License, which means that you don’t have to pay for MySQL license.

MSSQL will be more expensive if you set up your own ASP SQL web hosting but if these are offered as a plan by ASP SQL web hosting providers, you will not notice the difference in price between the two.

When it comes to performance, MySQL leads the pack because of its default table format, and MyISAM. MyISAM databases are very compact and does not require extensive CPU nor memory to run. MySQL can be run in Windows but you get the best performance of MySQL when it is running in Unix or Linux systems.

A better performance is achieved by MySQL when a 64-bit system is used so do check this out when hunting for an ASP SQL hosting.

MSSQL’s extensive features weakens its performance regardless whether there are features that aims in performance tuning, or other features which can help your website. As a result, MSSQL’s performance is a bit slower, requires more CPU and Memory and are unreliable at times.

Most of best web hosting companies provide both MySQL and MSSQL. Choosing between MySQL and MSSQL depends on what your want your website to be. Should you aim for better performance yet sacrifice some features MSSQL have or should you aim for more features and compensate a bigger disk space and higher memory more than MySQL requires?

BlueHost Review – Best Features of BlueHost

BlueHost have been offering web hosting services to personal blogs, online businesses and companies since 1996. They are considered as one of the earliest web hosting companies and managed to survive even at the toughest times which leads us to having this as one of our best choice in selecting a web hosting company. Following brief BlueHost Review would be helpful.

BlueHost is equipped with the best quality equipment around. They use modern quad-core servers, have mirrored backups and backup generator, has an outstanding 24/7 support with well-trained staff. They have a very fast 2GB per second bandwidth.

Here are the features BlueHost are most notable for:

  1. Host unlimited number of domain names/website for a very low price of $6.95 per month.
  2. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth.
  3. Free domain name hosting upon signup in any of their plans.
  4. CPanel with Fantastico Script Installer.
  5. 24/7 live chat, phone, and email support.
  6. Free SSH Shell access.
  7. Free shared SSL certificate and support for eCommerce hosting.
  8. Submit your websites to search engines for free.
  9. Audio, video streaming, real media, flash, support for a number of programming languages like Ruby on Rails are enabled by default.
  10. Anytime money back guarantee.

Hardware and Operating System
BlueHost uses quad-core modern servers under a Linux operating system. This may be one of the reasons why BlueHost is able to maintain almost 100% uptime. BlueHost also has DDOS protection and power backups to keep your website up and running without problems.

As far as I am concerned and based on my experiences with BlueHost, they have 99.99% uptime. There may be times where my website goes down but it is a rare occurrence and if they are down they will be back almost instantly.

What I like best in BlueHost is their secured, accurate, and very reliable backups, and the various tools required to manage my website.

They have a very excellent customer support – responds easily to customer queries. When asked a question, they can give you accurate information and solution to your problem. A great plus for any web hosting providers.

BlueHost offers 99.99% uptime so it is recommended for running a serious website project or wants to keep your website traffic flowing. Their performance is also backed up by the excellent customer support teams ready to help you whenever you need one.

BlueHost only has 1 price plan. You can subscribe to them for only $6.95 if you want a two-year contract or $7.95 per month for a 1 year contract. With all the features added in this single plan, it is such a great deal for you to miss.

One thing I don’t like, is BlueHost do not inform their customers when they will have a system upgrade. Your website will be down when this happens but it is rarely a case to deal with. I hope they won’t fail on notifying people about their system upgrade in the future. Overall, this web hosting provider has a reputation that we, as customers looking for the best web hosting around can take advantage of.

Visit www.bluehost.com – For a special price of $3.95 only

Arvixe Review

Arvixe (see Arvixe Review) is a popular web hosting provider these days which offer several web hosting solutions that were of help to blogs, small and medium enterprises, and even reputable companies online since 2003.  Arvixe offers both Linux hosting plans as well as windows web hosting plans. Arvixe is a reliable web host with plans for almost anyone looking for a reliable web hosting provider.

Arvixe offers affordable web hosting plans that seemed too good to be true. Let us have a look at what Arvixe has to offer:

Cheap But Feature Packed
The personal class or a shared web hosting service is offered at $4 for month in a 24-month contract, not bad at all since most web hosting companies use this kind of pricing for their shared web hosting service. You can have additional add-on for your website offered at a lower price, thus more ways to make your website more secured and user-friendly. Their best feature, they will provide you with all the packages you need to set up a website and not only that, all plan comes with a free domain for life. No other web hosting provider I encountered has this kind of deal.

Performance Wise and Very Reliable
When Arvixe claimed that they are 99.9% reliable, they lied..instead they go beyond that reaching 99.943% reliability at most. This goes to prove that they deserve to have such award and indeed they have. Arvixe was awarded as the 209th fastest growing company in the United States by INC Magazine in August 2011, and is also recognized as the 17th fastest growing company in the IT sector on that same time.

Customer Support is Superb!
I have conducted several tests to see if this web hosting provider has excellent customer support. I tried contacting them to live chat and I was surprised on how fast their support staff where and how knowledgeable they are on certain web hosting problems. Arvixe has chat, email, and phone support in which you will never go wrong as all these options have a quick response, and a very knowledgeable technical and customer support teams.

User-Friendly Control Panel
Arvixe uses cPanel for their customers to manage websites. I’m glad they chose cPanel to be their web hosting control panel because this kind of control panel is intuitive and very customizable. I’m also happy about how their control panel are very easy to use that anyone who knows about how to navigate in a computer can easily manage a website.

Arvixe is a reliable, performance-wise, and feature packed web hosting provider that will give a bang for the buck. Their support team is one of the best, or by far the best customer support that I have ever encountered. Moreover, their control panel is very easy to use in which can greatly save us time, money, and effort in creating a website. Overall, this web hosting provider is recommended to anyone, beginner or experienced because they will all get what they need at a very affordable price.

Visit www.arvixe.com

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  • fbwh30 – Get 30% off 2 year plan
  • fbwh20 – Get 20% off 1 year plan
  • fbwh10 – Get 10% off any hosting plan